Difference between characters and words

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Welcome to antarkosh. Today we will explain the difference between Characters and Words. Have you ever thought about the difference between Characters and Words?  Are you also confused with these two words? Most of the people seem to be unsure about what each of them is and what they represent. Let us know about the difference between these two words today. Read the post till the end for better understanding.

What is a Character? 

“Character” includes the letters of English or any other language, plus any other symbol that can be found on a typesetting keyboard in any typeface and in any language. Punctuation and accented letters included in characters. “Character” really includes an unlimited, indeterminate set of glyphs and signs and symbols. In other words A “Character” is a letter, number, or any other mark or sign used in writing or printing. It also includes the space that those symbols would take. Characters are sometimes words, like  “a” and ”I” in English, but usually words are made from two or more characters put together.

What is a Word? 

A word is the basic meaningful unit of a language. According to the Oxford Dictionary, a word is defined as “a single unit of language that means something and can be spoken or written”. In other words “Word” can be a character or a combination of characters with different meanings. Word may be singular or plural as is shown in the following example: 

Letters t, h, i and s can be arranged to form words as this, shit and hits. Meanings of the words, i.e., this and shit are clear. Likewise, hits is plural of hit and is an example of Word. You can also define it as, “a letter or set of letters which has some meaning is called Word. But a random jumble of letters does not create a word.

We hope that the difference between Character and Word is now clear to you. How did you like the information given by us?  Please tell us. Share it with your friends too. If you have any question or doubt in your mind then you can ask us. We will do our best to resolve your questions or doubts. “Thank you”

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